Independent innovators

The new tenants in office 16 are a menagerie of design/tech people that have shared an office for the past few years in Iðnó. With Iðnó closing down we’re here for the summer to work on various personal and Rannís funded projects.
Sigursteinn J Gunnarsson is a game designer with a degree from NYU and half of Tasty Rook, the creators of phone party games Triple Agent and Out of the Loop.
Páll Ragnar Pálson is a CCP veteran-gone-indie game developer creating prototypes for new games.
Ketill Gunnarsson is a drone expert that’s currently using his expertise to develop automated drone inspection systems for powerline maintenance.
Owen Hindley is a creative technologist with extensive experience in VR, Unity and theater. He is currently working on the follow up to Kassinn, a multi-awarded theater VR piece.