Innovation House Story

Innovation House was founded by Jon von Tetzchner, a successful technology entrepreneur currently living in Gloucester, near Boston Massachusetts. The idea behind the Innovation House is simple. Incubating local startups and entrepreneurs in Iceland by providing inexpensive turn key office facilities, as well as networking and collaboration space.

The Innovation House is conveniently located in a shopping center at Eidistorg, not so far from the house he grew up in, places he has lots of fun childhood memories from. Even though Jon lived in Norway for many years and is now in the US he still has a large extended family in Iceland. He had been thinking of how he could contribute to the economic development of Iceland after the financial crisis. So, when he came to know that the office building in Eidistorg shopping center was up for sale, the idea for Innovation House was born.

Additionally, to induce trans-Atlantic collaboration between Nordic and US companies, Innovation House in Gloucester, near Boston Massachusetts, is currently going through some renovations and will soon be open. A beautiful 18th century mansion, locally known as the White House in Magnolia, located north of Boston, can host visitors from start-ups affiliated with Innovation House in Iceland and Start-up Labs Norway. The location allows start-ups to easily access one of the hottest tech communities and world leading academic institutions in the US.

It provides opportunities for Nordic companies to stay near one of the most thriving tech communities in the US, and test their products and services or find partners to collaborate. We have connections and friends around the world, and are always happy to make new friends.