About Innovation House Magnolia

Innovation House in Magnolia U.S. is a beautiful 18th-century mansion,
an old bed and breakfast turned into a tech hub. Locally known as the
White House. The house can host visitors from startups affiliated with
Innovation House in Iceland and Startup Lab in Norway. The location
allows startups to easily access one of the hottest tech communities and
world-leading academic institutions in the U.S.

About the area: Magnolia, Gloucester, Massachusetts

Magnolia is a small seaside village of Gloucester located on the Manchester town line. It is a community pretty much unto itself which includes its own library and neighborhood beach.

In Magnolia, you will find some of the most beautiful seaside scenery in Massachusetts that is rich with large historical homes and buildings. It is here you will discover the Hammond Castle built by the inventor and modelled after a medieval castle complete with a seven-story pipe organ and dungeon!

Magnolia has a shopping area that includes some retail stores and a restaurant. It also has its own beach and yacht club. Magnolia residents truly proud of their village by the sea.

IH Magnolia is the US home of Vivaldi

Innovation House Magnolia is the US home of Vivaldi Technologies, the
employees and their families. Innovation House is a magnificent New
England building with gilt-framed paintings, floral wallpapers and
delicately carved mantels.

Every year since 2014, in June and July, Vivaldi employees get together
to code and dream big all to the sound of ocean waves and the sight of
the magnificent Atlantic.

"Our summer gathering is the right kind of workplace ritual — a break
from the regular work routine in a relaxed and tranquil setting —
offering us a common set of shared experiences to connect over."

Blog-posts about Vivaldi in Magnolia

Hello and goodbye Magnolia

Could June be our favorite month of the year? This is when we all work under the same roof in beautiful Magnolia in Massachusetts. Here’s how we’ll remember this year’s annual summer gathering.

The Victorian style office

For many of us the phrase «IT-company offices» awake the look and feel of the stereotypical office, equipped with the latest technology located in a modern building of glass and concrete (preferably — in the center of a metropolis), symbolizing the triumph of scientific and technical achievements.

The Vivaldi Family

I’m standing in the foyer of the Innovation House in Gloucester, MA. In the kitchen to my left people are cleaning up after lunch and starting preparations for an afternoon garden party hosted by Vivaldi later that day. Located in a beautiful 18th century mansion north of Boston, the Innovation House is locally known as the White House of Magnolia.

Happy teams are the best teams

Work and play in the USA. The annual summer gathering of Team Vivaldi has had its fascinating moments. Here’s a trip down memory lane.

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Sherry's Corner Café, just across the street: 2 Lexington Ave:

The Magnolia 525 Tavern is an upscale tavern that serves creative comfort food & rocking cocktails!

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